About us

Delta Construction Ltd. is a fast growing building company. Our specialization is zero-cycle and reinforced concrete frame structures, design and optimization of the constructive solutions, reconstruction, renovation and restoration of various types of buildings.

Our specialization

Reinforced concrete frame structures

Delta Construction Ltd. performs high quality concrete works regardless of the season. Professional team with many years of experience in Latvia and abroad will execute any order according to most contemporary technologies and demands of the employer.

Technical design work

In cooperation with architects and engineers we create various technical and interior projects, confirm them with Employers and competent institutions.

Reconstruction, renovation, restoration

Company has experience in preforming various reconstruction works, including buildings with status of national or local monument of architectural history. Special attendance is turned to preservation of the historical and functional design during all reconstruction and restoration works.

Optimization of the constructive solutions

Experienced building managers and specialists will offer effective and economically reasonable and convenient solutions, that will help to improve the functionality of the renovated or newly built premises, energy efficiency and visual design.